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We supply the number one selling snacks and candies such as, (Wise Chips, Herrs Chips, Frito Lay Chips, as well as healthy snacks like Veggie Chips, Wheat Thins, Chex Mix, Fruit Snacks)

We use all the number one brands of beverages from carbonated soft drinks, waters, sparkling waters, energy drinks, 100% juices in cans and bottles.

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Snacks and Candies


At Vending Your way we do not believe in empty vending machines.  We are always there when you need us.  

Top Selling Brands of Beverages


Vending your way has 30 years of experience servicing and maintaing state of the art vending machines with an account base that has signed on for our service and has stayed for decades.


We closely monitor the dates on our products to ensure they are fresh and not out of date.